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Our Vision
It is our vision that those living with long-term life-disrupting physical pain conditions not suffer due to inability to gain control over their health, and that the impact of their chronic conditions will lessen to no more than a ‘bump in the road’.

Mission Statement
The Glass Ball Foundation's mission is threefold:

  • Provide solutions-centric support for people with painful, debilitating chronic illnesses who need diagnoses, treatments, and paths to wellness
  • Promote healthy living and proactive illness prevention
  • Raise awareness concerning illnesses, syndromes, and conditions that remain without effective treatment


Cherished Values

Respect others— where people are treated as individuals, not as their conditions and symptoms

Open-mindedness in various treatments and diagnoses— empowering you and your qualified healthcare provider team to find the best path to wellness

Perseverance in supporting the recipients until they have a real quality of life— gaining control over painful chronic illness is usually a slow process that requires patience and commitment we are prepared to give


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