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How can I contribute financially to The Glass Ball Foundation?

We appreciate your support! Please use the Donate link below, or you can send your tax deductible contribution check to The Glass Ball Foundation, P.O. Box 2849, Santa Clara, CA 95055.

Is there anything else I can do to support The Glass Ball Foundation?

We appreciate your enthusiasm! Please Contact Us with how you are interested in volunteering or otherwise supporting our mission. The Glass Ball Foundation is currently seeking volunteers with a variety of backgrounds and skills.

We are also excited to spread the word and welcome your help in doing so! Feel free to share our website, as well as let your friends know that they can support us too with donations, volunteering, and/or awareness.

What is the story behind your name, The Glass Ball Foundation?

This is an interesting story. Visit Our Name to read more about what our name means to our mission and vision.

Do you raise awareness for illnesses and treatments?

Yes! In the near future, you will be seeing content on our website and social media to raise awareness. Part of our Mission Statement Who We Are is to spread the word about relevant health topics to increase knowledge and research, ultimately leading to better care.

Do you financially aid research endeavors or awareness campaigns?

Due to the likely expensive course of treatments necessary for each Glass Ball Foundation assistance recipient, The Glass Ball Foundation will have to focus its financial effort on actual treatments and healthcare. We hope to grow and receive enough funding to support worthy research in the future.


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