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1 - Provide Financial Support
The Glass Ball Foundation provides long-term financial support for appointments, treatments, and equipment prescribed by qualified healthcare providers. With the burden of healthcare costs reduced, patients have a significant stressor off their shoulders so they can focus better on their healing. Then they can easier find proper diagnoses and treatment.

2 - Empower a Support Team
The Glass Ball Foundation allows a support team for those who are sick and haven’t the resources to get well. Painful chronic conditions can be isolating, including in the medical community, usually because many providers are not trained to understand them. Thus, The Glass Ball Foundation lets patients bring not just one provider on board, but a team with members of different expertise.

3 - Refine Current Treatments
With long-term funding, providers are able to explore and advance the most efficient ways to manage and heal. With better resources, providers can easier converge on the necessary elements to the patient’s path to wellness.

4 - Raise Awareness
The efforts of the foundation include raising awareness of conditions and treatment options to educate both providers and patients. This leads to faster diagnosis, more effective treatments, and improved collaboration to find better solutions. It will also increase volunteer and financial support in these endeavors.

5 - Elevate Quality of Healthcare
By facilitating provider collaboration, raising awareness, and providing the necessary resources to treat, The Glass Ball Foundation aims to participate in shifting the paradigm of healthcare today to include whole-person, multi-modality treatment for significant healing and resolution, not just minimum management.



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