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“One in three Americans say they have put off getting medical treatment that they or their family members need because of cost.”

There are far too many subjected to live a lower quality of life caused by longstanding debilitating pain conditions because they do not have financial access to the therapies and treatments that will improve their lives.

In this situation, healthcare becomes a monetary burden. This often leads to sub-par management of the chronic pain condition (and even multiple conditions) with little hope of true quality of life with reduced to no pain.

When someone is in severe pain, as well as experiencing other symptoms that come with chronic illness, productivity decreases, energy decreases, and financial pressure increases as he/she struggles to find relief.

It is a vicious cycle. Patients lose their jobs because they cannot afford to get well enough to work. Without work, they are unable to pay for the treatments that will make them healthier.

Somehow, in the midst of their health crises, these patients have to pay for doctor's appointments, medications, supplements, therapies, diagnostic testing, and medical equipment. Additional expenses include food for special diets, travel expenses and cost of living expenses.

While investigating what is being done about this tragic problem, we have found that, while there are many amazing charities, there is a gap. That's the gap The Glass Ball Foundation intends to fill - by helping to financially support the treatments for improved wellness.

"The burden of a human disease should be counted not only in terms of dollars spent on health care for people directly affected, but as the total cost to society." - National Institute of Health


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