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Larry Bonine, a distinguished inspirational keynote speaker and leadership trainer, tells the story of the balls we juggle.

We juggle the likes of jobs, relationships, and health. In fact, our health is a glass ball. It breaks if it falls—and shatters the ability to have a functional life.

We were struck by the idea that our health is like a glass ball. If it drops, if health fails, then this glass ball—as well as our livelihoods—breaks. And fixing the ‘glass ball’ is a slow and costly journey.

The shards of a painful and disabling chronic health crisis wear away at our jobs and education.

At our relationships.

At fulfilling our purposes.

These shards cut into the ability to pursue treatments to actually put back together the broken pieces.

The Glass Ball Foundation’s goal is to walk with the chronically ill and in pain to rebuild that glass ball of health for a real quality of life.

In financially aiding diagnoses and treatments, The Glass Ball Foundation helps to juggle more than the health glass ball alone. Supporting wellness provides a foundation from which an individual can juggle other balls inherent in good quality of life.

And so our name, The Glass Ball Foundation, encapsulates our mission to meet the financial needs of those with disabling chronic pain conditions.

We are eager to get the ball rolling towards the direction of recovery and remission!

May your day be brighter,
Bernadette Saddik and Alexandra Saddik

You can visit Larry Bonine’s website here.


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